from by milktoast



theres a hairy legged spider asleep in my bed
with a hard headed sunday belly full of lead,
i see you awaken and raise up your head
to a room full of teenagers mocking the dead,
each with their new partner arms full of pride
and love in their faces for the lays by their side
so tepid they show their eyes to see whats amiss
of their bottle strewn runway and turpentine bliss
we're all wasted

see, i 'm not trying to get in your pants
theres the new blond head rich kid
who was there in advance
i wish that you'd kiss me and forget what i said
i'm headed early up new york
and the skys turning red
we're all wasted


from milktoast, released April 24, 2014




milktoast Chongqing, China

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