to china & back

from by milktoast



my lady aint here, she's over there
back in maine where she just don't care
that i'm down in the dumbs with the winter blues
and life is just better when you count in twos

took off to china a care free man
to teach those kiddos the best i can
humming them songs by the quaker friends
whose loving hearts will help me men

counting down to the summer days
when i'll be heading on home

a book in my pocket, or eight or nine
with plenty to read i'll be just fine
got a cat cute as a button
she's a real cold bitch but its better than nothing

its sad to think what there aint no more
there aint no weed and there aint no snow
but it aint that bad and it aint that lonely
when you got yourself a couple of hommies

counting down to those summer days
when i'll be heading on home


from milktoast, released April 24, 2014




milktoast Chongqing, China

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