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MsFish I am a huge fan of Milktoast. Please share another of my favorite tracks.."Little John by the Ocean" Favorite track: to china & back.
Michael Cormier
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Michael Cormier really smart music Favorite track: turpentine.
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released April 24, 2014




milktoast Chongqing, China

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Track Name: stomping grounds
It's been a while and you're growing old,
But hey, what'cha doing out in El Paso?
I know it's warm and you've got places to go,
But whose gonna walk with me in this winter storm?

We've been through a lot, or maybe we ain't
But hey, what'cha doing out in Ohio?
Call it moving on to new highs and new lows,
But whose gonna laugh at those shitty jokes I make?
Track Name: bombshell
She knows how to live,
red lip stick in her purse
A kiss is a curse
Slipping in her skirt
Seems an awful lot of work for the weekend
Oh boy, so she'll be sleeping in tonight
She gonna sleep with him alright
Track Name: america
she has abandoned you in an art of motion
over millions of miles and abstract emotions,

be your own master, your own Jesus
you don't need photographs to prove you've seen it

you can dance to anything, like a melodrama novel
and the humdrum of daily news

be your own llama, your own fuck
you don't need valentines to prove youre stuck

b/c america is weeping for the bones
the decline of poets, forgotten magic

it weeps for children who listen to their parents
and their shitty older brothers, and business executives

and it weeps
and it weeps
Track Name: on holiday
take these silly thoughts and stick 'em in a pocket
keep them close and warm so i don't forget
what those days meant to me

its a lonesome thought meddling my mind
"oh, hello" no one is at your door
they all ran away tangled up in your empty arms
throwing it all away
flirting your heartstrings away
Track Name: turpentine
theres a hairy legged spider asleep in my bed
with a hard headed sunday belly full of lead,
i see you awaken and raise up your head
to a room full of teenagers mocking the dead,
each with their new partner arms full of pride
and love in their faces for the lays by their side
so tepid they show their eyes to see whats amiss
of their bottle strewn runway and turpentine bliss
we're all wasted

see, i 'm not trying to get in your pants
theres the new blond head rich kid
who was there in advance
i wish that you'd kiss me and forget what i said
i'm headed early up new york
and the skys turning red
we're all wasted
Track Name: to china & back
my lady aint here, she's over there
back in maine where she just don't care
that i'm down in the dumbs with the winter blues
and life is just better when you count in twos

took off to china a care free man
to teach those kiddos the best i can
humming them songs by the quaker friends
whose loving hearts will help me men

counting down to the summer days
when i'll be heading on home

a book in my pocket, or eight or nine
with plenty to read i'll be just fine
got a cat cute as a button
she's a real cold bitch but its better than nothing

its sad to think what there aint no more
there aint no weed and there aint no snow
but it aint that bad and it aint that lonely
when you got yourself a couple of hommies

counting down to those summer days
when i'll be heading on home
Track Name: your son
all i see is myself when you give me that stare
forgive me mother when i pull on your hair
the sun is drinking all your wine tonight

please send me to sleep, father turns out the light
tonight i feel that to die on ice is quite alright
and so is drinking all the wine tonight

your son is drinking all your wine tonight